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“Your Vision is our Priority”

Since our inception, we've been helping good companies become great companies with our comprehensive arsenal of proven surveying, auditing, and management systems. Our programs allow our clients not only to gather incident-specific information about the moment of truth when a customer comes in contact with an organization, but also to track and trend attributes and behaviours that impact long-term guest value, satisfaction and advocacy. The company has a cost effective, scalable and innovative business model, which provides flexibility for 24x7 operations. Our Center of Excellence for Brand Auditing in India delivers high quality, cost effective, world-class solutions for all organizations. We put in solutions that ensure a continuous cycle of improvement in processes and business functions.

Mr.Gaurav PachauriFounder

WeMark was founded and funded by Mr. Gaurav Pachauri in Sep 2008. He has 7 years of experience in mystery shopping. He completed his engineering from DCE, New Delhi and then applied for MBA and got selected in FMS which is one of the pioneer college of Business Management. However determined to start a business of his own he rejected the offer and started his own venture WeMark Marketing Pvt Ltd in September 2008. Gaurav Pachauri is a risk taker, well balanced business man and full fledged man of talent. He single handedly used to handle all the departments of his company successfully. Under his leadership the company has shown remarkable growth and has more than 175 satisfied clients.

Mr. Prateek SinhaChief Operating Officer

Mr. Prateek Sinha joined WeMark in March 2012 as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Sinha's team management skills, decision making ability and discipline helped the company become organized substantially. Within a short span of one year he was promoted as COO of the company. He has played a major role in drafting companies various policies. All the projects are conducted under his supervision. He has an experience of working in US and Canada.

Mr. Maulik VyasQuality Head

What makes WeMark different from its competitors is that we have a separate quality team. Under the administration of Maulik Vyas, the quality that we provide is appreciated by all our clients. He is a great trainer and handles all the employee related queries efficiently. He works with great patience and diligence.

  • Started in 2011.
  • WeMark India is head quartered in New Delhi (India).
  • Associate offices in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand,Russia, UK, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia,Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar,Mauritius, Italy and Switzerland.
  • Operations in 106 countries of the world.
  • 50000+ Mystery Shoppers across the world.
  • 1.5 Lac audits every year.
  • Leading mystery shopping company of the world.
  • Board of Directors and Mentors from Indian Institute of Management, Harvard Business School, Carnegie Mellon and DCE.
  • WeMark is MSPA Certified Company.
  • WeMark is ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company.
  • 4 years of experience with 150 National and International brands.
  • Rated as India's No. 1 Mystery Shopping Company by Economic Times in 2011.

Use our Talent and Focus on your Vision

  • 1.5 Lac Mystery Shopping assignments conducted every year across world
  • We Provide Customized Solution to each and every client as per their Brand Value
  • We Provide Direct Feedback from customers which is recorded in different ways
  • We provide real time feedback
  • We Give regular, Precise, Objective Measurement on any detail we observe with Special Focus on Brand standards
  • We Use Best Practices of the industry to give accurate solution to the problem
  • We have best of the Expertise in all the industries with more than 20 years of experience
  • We give you best of the recommendations on the basis of Root Cause analysis
  • We Benchmark you against competition while giving solutions
  • We have experienced and well trained shoppers who have been working with us since past 4 years
  • We conduct Audits according to your choice and convenience
  • Our Maximum Auditors are MSPA Certified
  • We Provide Photographs and Videos as proof
  • Totally Customizable Software
  • We Provide Geo Spatial Analysis
  • Reports are available in PDF, Excel, PPT or JIFF format anytime and anywhere
  • We have a dedicated Quality Cell, Coordination Cell and Reporting Cell

WeMark rated as India’s No.1 Mystery Shopping Company has a global network of certified mystery shoppers across the world and they are our most important commodity. Our coverage is unmatched, we are present in all cities of the world and have 18 Associate offices across the world.

We do not use any outsourced company for our work, because of which it allow us to maintain superior quality in the services which we provide. Our mission is to assist our clients to be their industry’s leader by cultivating an environment of honesty, directness, respect, efficiency and professionalism.

Mentioned below are the countries where we have our Associate offices :

  • India
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Russia
  • UK
  • UAE
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Indonesia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • Mauritius
  • Italy
  • Switzerland

    To provide world class mystery shopping & consulting services to our clients to enable them to win and grow by using our talent and experience in business services intuitive strategies & focused execution

    At WeMark, whatever we do, is inspired by your vision and values. Our vision is to be the mystery shopping industry benchmark. We wish to create clarity in the complex world of service industry through our critical insight.

    WeMark has always worked on its six core values:

    • Work As A Team
    • Excellence In The Work We Do
    • Maximize Client Satisfaction
    • Achieve Results
    • Responsive To Opportunities
    • Knowledge Driven